Who’s Going to The Super Bowl 2022

The 2022 Super Bowl will be held in Los Angeles, California at the new home of the Rams and Chargers, SoFi Stadium. This will be the first time that a Super Bowl is played in Los Angeles since 1993 when the Raiders defeated the Redskins 38-24 at the Rose Bowl.

A big panoramic picture from the SoFi Stadium.

The 2022 season is set to bring us two great teams, as both Cincinnati and Los Angeles are looking for their victory! I’m sure it won’t take long before the result of these games comes through with an answer already made-up by someone at ESPN headquarters because they have everything ready just waiting on your command: “Do you want knowledge or do nothing?”

Super Bowl LVI is scheduled to take place on February 13th, 2022. The game will air on CBS. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are set to call the game for Fox Sports. Mike Tirico was originally supposed to call the game but had to step down due to scheduling conflicts with NBC’s Winter Olympics coverage. This will be Buck’s seventh Super Bowl as a broadcaster.

The flag from the Superbowl is in free motion.

He called the game for Fox in 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2011. Aikman last called a Super Bowl in 2006 when the Steelers defeated the Seahawks 21-0. Tirico called the game for NBC in 2010 and 2012. Al Michaels will serve as a contributor for NBC’s coverage leading up to the game. This will mark Michaels’ record 11th time calling a Super Bowl broadcast. He previously called games for ABC in 1977, 1979, 1980 (as well as Super Bowl XVII), 1983, 1985, 1987 (as well as Super Bowl XXI), 1989 (as well as Super Bowl XXIII), 1992 (as well as Superbowl XXVII), 1995 (as well as Super Bowl XXX), 1998 (as well as Super Bowl XXXIII), and 2002 (as well as Super Bowl XXXVII).

Odds for Los Angeles Rams vs Cincinnati Bengals

The Rams Vs Cincinnati Bengals on the background and two players on positions against each other.

We’re getting ready for the big game! You know what that means, don’t you? Yes indeed–the opportunity of a lifetime is right around the corner. And this time we’ll be taking on those pesky Los Angeles Rams who’ve been giving us fits all season long; they come into our house as 4 point favorites with plenty left in their arsenal after losing two straight weeks earlier than expected including last Thursday night 27-24 at Denver where veteran Quarterback Case Keenum started his first playoff campaign ever making it. No doubt something tells me he’s got some tricks up.

The breakdown of playoff bonuses for the 2021 season

Players who play in the Super Bowl win $150,000. Players that lose and get eliminated from playing have their salary reduced by 75%. Conference Champ winners can make 65K while divisional round losers only receive 42-and 5/8th of that goes towards picking up conference champions again next year so winning really does pay off! If your team makes it past Saturday’s game without losing or tying any more points then they will cross over into.
Many players from two teams during the game on Superbowl.

The Cincinnati Bengals are playing in their fifth Super Bowl this year, and they face off against the Los Angeles Rams. The game will be played on February 13 at SoFi Stadium for $6 million dollars worth of prizes!

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